I've learned that I experience my deepest connections through creative work. This is the time that I'm most in tuned with myself, others, and my purpose. Those connections have become more meaningful to me as I prioritize areas of my life and career. This year, I made a vow to consciously invest more time into activities that keep me connected.  



The overactive mind can be problematic. I've lost tonnes of sleep at the behest of the idea factory that is my mind. So years ago, I learned to release my ideas into reality through small, and sometimes larger, projects and allow them to be what they are. The hard part was letting go of the ideas that didn't serve me and focus on what works. See what's working for me now.


plant life

At the beginning of 2017, I found new joy in caring for and collecting plants. Filling my space with tropical indoor plants shifted my energy for the better.  So I became a collector and my education into plant care became a part of my life. I'll chronicle that here along with updates on new additions, their growth, and how the fit into my decor.



There are a lot of things in the world that I consciously try to disconnect from because they are constant distractions from my growth. There are some areas of suffering in the world that really that really hit me to the core, like mental health, ocean and coral health, and cancer prevention and support. I'm passionate about 



I'm fascinated with what drives people, especially the artist, the outlier, and the renegade. People who live outside of the confines of expectation and obligation, even in a small way, are my jam! Here I'll pay homage to those people in my life that live extraordinarily.




Creation is therapeutic. There is a certain calm that comes over me when I reach a certain level of flow as I'm of cooking, writing, decorating, or planning.



There was a time in life when I was very in-tuned with self. I followed my spirit, took care of me first, focused on my growth and made decisions that made me feel free!  Somewhere along the line I allowed my fire to dwindle. Through learning about true healing, I've been reclaiming the parts of me I let fear supress, starting with my health. There are no fixes, just steps to improvement - and I take those everyday to reclaim what's mine.



Have you ever been so focused on the tasks and goals in life that you look up and don't recognize yourself? This was once my reality, I didn't and couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I had to upheave my life, start anew, to start the journey of unlearning some rough habits and reclaiming self by retuning spirit.



My mom died of cancer, and I gave up hope. I thought I was doomed to a similar destiny, until I met my husband Chris. He guided me into the world of plant-based eating and the use of herbs as remedies. My lifestyle changed drastically and thinking about my health became less of something I feared because I took control.



"I don't need to look good, I'm smart". This was something I thought for many years and wore like a badge of honour. I used that mindset as an excuse to neglect how I visually presented myself to the world. It was one of the many forms of self-hate that were a reality in my life. But, with a healthier body and a renewed perspective on life, I'm ready treat myself to life's adornments. 



Travel, eat, create, repeat. That's the lifestyle goal I've been working towards since graduation. Building the foundation has been slow and I've learned a lot about patience and preparation in downtime. There are many things I want to accomplish in life, and I want to navigate those goals in a way that allows me to make conscious decisions for myself and my family.