Fighting Depression through Plants


When I first introduced plants into my home, it was purely decorative. The added benefits of mood regulation came as a surprise. I never really put much thought into the effects of indoor plants and mental health. At some point in my plant-based lifestyle transition, I just felt the urge to have plant life in my space. The correlation could be that I consume more nature and health related content, especially documentaries, triggering the need and compassion for nature.

I continue to connect dots the more I work with plants, they’re a window to how things work if you pay attention. The lessons abound. Gardening is now more of a service to nature than a means to decorate. It’s hard work at first and takes a lot of patience and attention to subtle changes in environment and each individual plant. I’ve had to learn that a plant not making it isn’t a personal failure on my part and it’s just another opportunity to learn.

A commitment to tending to multiple plants is no small task, the rewards are worth it. Thriving plants helped me through a bout of depression. In this video, I talk about some of the things I learned and some plans I have for my courtyard this summer.