Building Isle + Indies


I had to ask for help.

My dream of working for myself was no longer just a dream, it was a necessity. I had to get out of my own way and make it work. Doing it on my own and pretending I was an island was not working. So, I asked for help. The first person I turned to was Porsha Thomas from Gowrkgrls. She’s a great creative strategist that shares similar life and business values as I do, and she knows how to put a brand together. While still working my day job, I signed up for her Busy Lady Business Bootcamp to get some guidance with marketing.

I had one goal, to launch a program that could use my ecommerce skills and my love for helping artists build their careers. What I got was so much more: I rebranded a company that wasn’t working for me and saw other ways to build out my services and add products that could free up my time and help more people.By the time I quit my job, I was working on creating Squarespace website design kit templates like Maya.

I was also in development for an audio drama podcast - which was not planned and required a big mental shift more me. That’s where Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of Breadfruit Media comes in; asking her for help led me to co-create a show with my husband Chris in a new medium, which she co-produces with me. I originally had plans to launch an interview-style podcast for the b/dscvrd community, but her advice to develop something scripted was the catalyst for the project Parade, Isle + Indies’ first original production.

Although I spend a lot of my days working on my own in my home office, I couldn’t build this dream of mine without the support of Porsha, Kerry-Ann, and of course Chris. I’m still learning to ask for support when I need it & embracing the importance of sharing the work and the successes.

Isle + Indies is the first venture I’ve started that I can confidently say is tied to my purpose and community. Our mission to is to help artists be more visible and eliminate downtime in their careers through creative and commerce services. Learn more about the work I do through Isle + Indies on our About and Services pages.

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