Taking A Leap Into the Unknown with Parade


I wanted to build a community.

That’s how this all started. I had the idea that I’d have an interview style podcast where I would talk to Caribbean screen actors, filmmakers, and television producers for the #bdscvrd community - an arm of Isle + Indies.

So at the end of November 2018, I reached out to Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown from Breadfruit Media. She’s already kicking ass in the same ring I was trying to jump into with Carry On Friends: The Caribbean American Podcast. One of my themes for 2019 is ask for help. I was tired of going it alone and not getting results. I wanted to launch the #bdscvrd podcast with the weight of a pro behind me.

So we got on a call to talk about my goals and how Kerry-Ann and Breadfruit Media could help me. After telling her my life story and how my actor husband Chris and I met, she said “you should create an audio drama”.


I had no idea audio drama podcasts were a thing - I’m a tv girl - who was clearly living under a rock. By the time our call ended, I was convinced. And I had homework. Kerry-Ann had introduced me to Gimlet’s Homecoming. By the end of that weekend, I was excited to see what we could do in this space.

Again, I’m a tv girl. I’d never written for the ear. So I pitched the idea to Chris. We played around with a few ideas and landed on a story about a man moving through the underworld of Jamaica, working for a prominent businessman, with a tech geek ex-military sidekick.

I have to admit, I underestimated the how big of a move this is - the first Jamaican audio drama podcast. That’s fucking heavy! In the middle of completing co-writing the 6 episodes of the first season with Chris, I was planning to quit my job and start Isle + Indies full time, and fighting physical anxiety and depression.

But, there’s no turning back, we doing this. I’m excited to grow through the process so we can create opportunities for actors and creators. We collectively have a responsibility to put out some quality content. Heavy.

Follow along the Parade journey.

More to come.

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